Translating hardcoded DirectAdmin results

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Translating hardcoded DirectAdmin resultsLast Modified: Jun 20, 2005, 12:17 pm
Many of the result tables in DirectAdmin are hardcoded, meaning the text is set in the DirectAdmin binary and cannot be changed.

A trick to translate these hardcoded values would be as follows.

Find the html skin file which has the hardcoded token.  Lets say it contains


Edit the file, to change that value to the following:

$data = <<<END
$data = str_replace("englishtext", "newtext", $data);
$data = str_replace("englishtext2", "newtext2", $data);
echo  $data;

Where englishtext is what's currently hardcoded, and newtext is what you'd like it to be translated to.  You can add as many str_replace commands as you'd like, but note that this isn't very efficient, so too many of these commands could slow things down.

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