Fully block a DirectAdmin User account from sending any messages

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Fully block a DirectAdmin User account from sending any messagesLast Modified: Jan 19, 2020, 6:57 pm
DirectAdmin 1.60.0 and up will have a GUI for this:
so you wouldn't need to add/remove things from ssh.

With SpamBlocker 4.2.3 and above, a feature was added which lets you blacklist a User.

If you don't want DA User from sending any messages, including smtp-auth and script based sends (Eg: php mail()), then you'd type:

echo "fred:`date +%s`" >> /etc/virtual/blacklist_usernames

where the 'date +%s' bit will set the unix timestamp for when this account was added.  It's not yet used for anything, so don't worry about it too much, 0 would be fine too.

Similarly, SpamBlocker 4.4.6 and above supports similar files:


which works as expected, you could put a system 'username' into the blacklist_smtp_usernames file, or system 'username' into /etc/virtual/blacklist_script_usernames, which would only block that one area, allowing the other to continue working.
Eg, the /etc/virtual/blacklist_script_usernames is useful if you want to allow smtp deliveries, but not allow any script based deliveries.

If you add a User to blacklist_usernames, it will block both, so no need for the other 2 files if you do that.

Note you should ensure that your firewall blocks direct user port-25 outbound connections, eg:

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