Connecting to[]:443... failed: Cannot assign requested address.

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Connecting to[]:443... failed: Cannot assign requested address.Last Modified: Aug 3, 2016, 5:42 pm
This would imply that the IP that was specified for the install is not a valid IP address on your machine.
If you are running a LAN, or behind a NAT, with a different IP on the machine than would be visible from the internet, then use the lan.php guide

You can test out the command by running:

wget --bind-address=

where is the IP address in your license file.  If you get the same error with the --bind-address option, then that IP is not present or valid in your network device.
The 2nd wget command should work from within a LAN.
If both fail, then it's some other issue (firewall, network, routing, etc..)

You can run


to see what IP's are present in your network device.  Make sure the IP in your license is present somewhere in the output.

The IP in your license file *must* be present and working in the network device.
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