Backup system runs at the same time quotas are counted in the tally

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Backup system runs at the same time quotas are counted in the tallyLast Modified: Jul 28, 2016, 2:18 pm
DirectAdmin relies on the quota system to count how much disk space quota a User is using.
If you happen to be running a backup at the same moment DA is counting that quota, there is a chance DA will count almost double the size of the used disk space, since backups and the assembly area are all done as the User.

There are a few ways to avoid this scenario or to change things around so that you don't need to ever worry about it.
  1. Ftp ftp backups, tell DA not to use /home/tmp for assembly.  This only works if /home has it's own partition, and you move it to some other partition.  For example, set:


    assuming that /tmp is large enough to store this temporary data.

  2. Use the Direct Imap Backup option, so the /home/username/imap folder is loaded directly into the backup without assembling a copy of it first. This will greatly speed up the backup process, and also reduce the space used, lowering the chances of hitting the issue.

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