per-User php.ini settings in php-fpm

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per-User php.ini settings in php-fpmLast Modified: Oct 24, 2017, 4:04 pm
If you need to make changes to the php.ini in php-fpm, you can do so from:

Admin Level -> Custom Httpd Configuration -> php-fpm 5.x

and in the 2nd textarea called |CUSTOM2|.  The sytnax is different from a php.ini and might look like

php_value[memory_limit] = 32M

where it might be php_value, php_admin_value, php_flag, php_admin_flag, etc. depending on the setting.

You can alternatively turn on the user_ini.filename setting in your php.ini, to allow Users to use their own settings, like php_flag or php_admin_flags set in .htaccess files:


  • To alter the per-user disable_functions, eg to add to the list, set this in CUSTOM2:

    php_admin_value[disable_functions] = exec,system,passthru,shell_exec,escapeshellarg,escapeshellcmd,proc_close,proc_open,dl,popen,show_source,posix_kill,posix_mkfifo,posix_getpwuid,posix_setpgid,posix_setsid,posix_setuid,posix_setgid,posix_seteuid,posix_setegid,posix_uname,mail

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