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View multiple E-Mail accounts from one master accountLast Modified: Sep 19, 2014, 12:51 am
Say you have account @ and you want to be able to login to this account, and have sub-directories for several other accounts on the same domain.  This would allow you to login to, and by simply clicking on IMAP sub-folders, you can see the E-Mails in the other accounts.
Let's call the sub-account
The domain is owned by User .

You can setup the sub-directory under the master account by typing:

cd /home/username/imap/
ln -s ../../worker/Maildir ./.worker
chown -h username:mail ./.worker
echo worker >> subscriptions

Then login to to confirm it works.

Repeat this for each different sub account you want to show up in the master account.
Note: this only shows the INBOX of the account.  You'd need to add the other sub-folders you might want, eg:

echo "worker.Sent" >> subscriptions

keeping in mind that some webmail clients may be able to actually see the available folders to subscribe to.

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