Adding your own custom banner/header image to the Enhanced skin

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Adding your own custom banner/header image to the Enhanced skinLast Modified: May 8, 2017, 7:33 pm
DirectAdmin 1.51.3 has some basic functiality for very easily changing the header image in the enhanced skin, see:
This allows Resellers to change it in the global skin, affecting only their Uers, without affecting anything in regards to the actual global skin install.

old method
If you wish to replace the "DirectAdmin" banner image with your own, use this guide: to set your own custom image.

1) Match the dimensions of the DA header (780x120), and upload your custom header to this location:


2) Create and edit this file:


and in that file, add the code:


and ensure the files_custom.conf is chmod to 644.

Adding the header image in this manner will allow DA to update the skin, without overwriting your changes.
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