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Testing a domain before it resolvesLast Modified: Oct 15, 2013, 11:20 pm
1) If you're running suPhp, and notice that your website shows an internal server error when you view it like this:

that would be due to the paranoid mode that suPhp uses by default.  You can change it not to use that mode, but we don't recomend that:

2) A simpler option is to use a Domain Pointer for a subdomain.

For example, say your domain is domain.com.
You have control of the dns of this domain, it's currently resolving to some other server, but you want to try out your domain.com on the DA box before actually changing the DNS to use it.

The solution to this is to add a subdomain domain pointer onto domain.com, eg:

User Level -> Domain Pointers -> Add Pointer:   temp.domain.com

where temp will be a subdomain of domain.com. ("Alias" checkbox enabled)

Then in your dns setting on the remote box, just add an "A" record such that "temp" points to use the DA IP.

3) A similar option to #2 above... in the event that you don't yet have control of the dns for your domain, you could use the same trick, but with the subdomain of a completely different domain name.
For example, you've still got domain.com on this server.
There happens to also be hosting.com on this server.
Create a Domain Pointer on domain.com called temp.hosting.com. (may require disabling check_subdomain_owner

User Level -> Domain Pointers -> Add Pointer: temp.hosting.com

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