Backing up and transferring very large User accounts

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Backing up and transferring very large User accountsLast Modified: Jul 9, 2013, 12:18 am
In some cases, you might have a User account which you need to transfer, but the size of the account is too large for the backup system to handle easily.  Some causes might be:
- The file systems can't create large files.
- There is not enough free space on the drive to create the tar.gz file.
- the ftp or transfer method is not able to handle large files.

1) A solution would then be to break up the backup into smaller pieces.  This can be done via:

Admin Level -> Backup/Transfer -> Step 4: What

where you can create a backup with or without certain areas.

With this ability, you can create the backup in smaller chunks, and restore each one on the remote server.

2) In other cases, the data under /home/username may be a significant portion of the size of the backup file.  In that case, in "Step 4: What", you can de-select "Domains Directory" and/or "E-Mail Data" and create/transfer/restore the backup without them.   Then to transfer those areas, you can use rsync to pull the /home/username data from the backup box to the new remote box.  Note that this guide mentions the transfer of /home/user/domains, but if you need to include email data, or any other data not in /home/username/domains, then rsync the entire /home/username directory.

Don't forget to reset file permissions if you're doing manual file copies  (rsync may handle this automatically, but if unsure, you can do it anyway)

3) If the large usage of the account is due to MySQL databases, de-select "Database Data", and backup/transfer/restore the tar.gz backup file.  This should create the empty databases under the account on the new box.  Then use mysql and mysqldump to manually transfer the databases themselves.
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