End-of-life policy for supported Operating Systems

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End-of-life policy for supported Operating SystemsLast Modified: May 19, 2021, 1:03 pm
As time goes on, we should all be keeping our systems up to date.
This includes the operating system.

Effective March 22nd, 2021, our policy for supported operating systems will be to cease support on them 3 months after that OS has reached end-of-life by it's creator.
There are some exceptions such as CloudLinux Extended Support.

Below is a list of the end-of-life dates for a given OS.
To it's right will be the date will be the date that we will no longer be supporting that OS.

CentOS 4February 2012October 2013
CentOS 5March 2017March 2018
CentOS 6 32-bitNovember 2020May 2021
CentOS 6 64-bitNovember 2020January 1st, 2022

June 2024 (security backports only)
CentOS 7June 2024September 2024
CentOS 8December 2021March 2022
Fedora All VersionsOctober 2013
FreeBSD 5May 2008October 2013
FreeBSD 6November 2010October 2013
FreeBSD 7February 2013February 2014
FreeBSD 8August 2015August 2016
FreeBSD 9December 2016December 2017
FreeBSD 10October 2018October 2019
FreeBSD 11January 1st, 2022
FreeBSD 12January 1st, 2022
Debian 4February 2010October 2013
Debian 5February 2012October 2013
Debian 6 LTSFebruary 2016February 2017
Debian 7 LTSMay 2018May 2019
Debian 8 LTSMay 2020May 2021
Debian 9 LTSMay 2022August 2022

For discussion, please see the related forum thread:

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