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I want to control email accounts of a Domain PointerLast Modified: Aug 3, 2017, 7:59 pm
Domain Pointers are designed to be exact duplicates of the domain they're created under.  As such, you cannot edit many aspects of them.

However, if you wish to have the website data remain the same as the , but be able to control email accounts, you can do it by creating the as another full domain name, and then use symbolic links to link the website data to that of the main domain.

1) If the Domain Pointer exists, delete it.

2) Create the Domain Pointer as a full domain:
- User Level -> Domain Setup -> Add Another Domain -> domain=domainpointer.com

3a) Change the DocumentRoot of the domainpointer.com, to point it to maindomain.com:

Admin Level -> Custom Httpd Config -> domainpointer.com

add CUSTOM token code:

|*if SSL_TEMPLATE="1"|

and click Save.


3b) Link the data directory that of the main domain for user , requires ssh:

cd /home/username/domains/domainpointer.com/
mv public_html public_html.old
ln -s ../maindomain.com/public_html ./public_html
mv private_html private_html.old
ln -s ../maindomain.com/private_html ./private_html
chown -h username:username public_html private_html

If everything works, and there is no important data in the public_html.old and private_html.old, then you can delete those 2 unused directories.

You can now create email accounts for domainpointer.com, independently from the main domain.

A side-effect of this change, if you can control the SSL certificates for each pointer independently.

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