Manually testing ncftpput to ensure it works

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Manually testing ncftpput to ensure it worksLast Modified: Nov 13, 2014, 12:46 am
If your DA backups are not able to transfer to ftp, it's often a good idea to test the transfer process manually to ensure it works. This gives finer grained control over the settings, and any errors generated.

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1) To duplicate what DA does, we first need to create the ftp config:

cd /root
touch ftp.cfg
chmod 600 ftp.cfg
echo "host" >> ftp.cfg
echo "user ftpuser" >> ftp.cfg
echo "pass ftppass" >> ftp.cfg

which will be used by the ncftpput binary.

2) Now test the upload of a sample file:

/usr/bin/ncftpput -f ftp.cfg -V -t 25 -P 21 -m "/ftp/path" "/local/file.tar.gz"

And see what errors are generated.

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