I've deleted /home, how do I recreate the directories?

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I've deleted /home, how do I recreate the directories?Last Modified: Dec 5, 2008, 4:43 pm
Generally, this isn't the best thing to have happen because all of the data is stored there.  You'll need to recreate all of the directory structures, as well as a few files required for DA to run:

1) Create the DA tmp directory so you can log into DA again:

mkdir -p /home/tmp
chmod 1777 /home/tmp

2) Create the /home/username directories and subdirectories:

cd /home
vi make_dirs.sh

press 'i' to go into "insert mode" then paste the following script (right click)

for i in `ls /usr/local/directadmin/data/users`; do
 for d in `cat /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/${i}/domains.list`; do
  mkdir -p /home/${i}/domains/${d}/public_html/cgi-bin
  mkdir -p /home/${i}/domains/${d}/private_html
  mkdir -p /home/${i}/domains/${d}/public_ftp
  mkdir -p /home/${i}/domains/${d}/stats
  mkdir -p /home/${i}/domains/${d}/logs
 mkdir -p /home/${i}/backups    

 chown -R $i:$i /home/${i}
 chmod -R 755 /home/${i}
exit 0;

Press "ctrl-c" to exit "insert mode", then press "shift-Z" twice to save and exit.  Once the file is saved, type:

chmod 755 make_dirs.sh

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