Roundcube: SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed.

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Roundcube: SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed.Last Modified: Sep 19, 2016, 9:17 pm
If you're getting the following error when sending an email in roundcube:

SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed.

possible causes could be that.

1) Your disable_functions list in your php.ini is too strict. Try removing some functions, or use custombuild function:

./build secure_php

Known errors caused by a disable_functions list which is too strict:

Invalid request! No data was saved

2) Perhaps exim is not running.  Check to ensure that it's running, and that port 587 is open.

3) Check your /etc/hosts file to ensure you see:    localhost

as the config connects to "localhost", so if that is missing, roundcube may end up connecting to other IPs, depending on what the nameserver returns.

4) One report of CSF requiring the setting:


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