I have more than one home partition. I need all services to use both the old and new partitions.

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I have more than one home partition. I need all services to use both the old and new partitions.Last Modified: Sep 18, 2012, 4:53 pm
As your /home partition fills up, adding a 2nd partition is an option.
For this example, we'll call it:


There are a few things you'll need to update in order to make use of this 2nd partition.

1) System quotas.   Similar to /home, you'll need to mount /home2 with the usrquota,grpquota option and calculate the system quotas.

2) Tell DA about the new partition, so that quotas are included from it:

3) Set your useradd (or related) binary to create new home directories in /home2.  This can vary per OS, but on RedHat/CentOS systems, you'd edit:


and set the new home, eg:


DA itself does not specify which home partition is to be used for useradd (or pw).

4) Exim is the last item that does not always do full lookups on /etc/passwd, so a few changes are required.
You can either a) either edit the /etc/exim.conf with these changes, but this will have a slight performance hit, as the /etc/passwd would need to have a lookup for each email.
or you can b) create links for all Users to the new home, so that the /home/user paths point to /home3/user.

Option b) would be as follows:
- Create the file:


- Then add the following code, and chmod the script to 755:



if [ -d "${NEWHOME}" ] && [ ! -e "${OLDHOME}" ]; then
   chown -h $username:$username $OLDHOME
exit 0;

and if you need to create the links for existing Users, you can run it manually for each user like this (depending on your shell)

username=username ./user_create_post.sh

where you'd replace usernamne with the user you'd like to create links for.

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