Apache restarts after the nightly tally (SIGTERM)

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Apache restarts after the nightly tally (SIGTERM)Last Modified: Nov 14, 2011, 4:17 pm
After the nightly tally runs, the dataskq will issue a full restart to apache to both re-open logs and reload configs in case accoutns have been suspended/unsuspend (new VH's or changes to SSL needs a full restart)

If you don't wish to have this restart, there are a few options:
1) Shut off the post-tally restart:

2) Use the tally_post.sh to take some special action that you want (note, it's called just before the apache restart, as the restart is sent to the task.queue to be processed in the next minute/dataskq run)

3) Change apache to do a graceful restart, which should be sufficient for all cases (new VH's, SSL, etc.), but is better in the sense that it won't knock off current connections/downloads, and you won't notice any downtime:

In general, the graceful restart method (#3) is going to be your simplest choice.

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