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I cannot login to phpMyAdminLast Modified: Nov 5, 2011, 11:16 pm
If phpMyAdmin (PMA) is giving you a login error, there are few things to check to debug the issue.

1) Ensure you've created a database through DA first.  If you do not create a database through DA, then the MySQL Users will not be added to MySQL, hence you cannot login. A database must first exist before you can login to phpMyAdmin:

User Level -> MySQL Management -> Create new Database

2) Test the user/pass combination through ssh.  Login to ssh and type:

mysql -uusername -ppassword

where the user/pass values are directly after the -u and -p options without any spaces.  This will need to work in order for phpMyAdmin to work.  If this does work, but PMA does not, then reinstall PMA (see 4) below)

3) Test PMA with the da_admin account.  You can get the login/pass from:


This is the master DA mysql account used for creating databases/users.

4) Re-install PMA via custombuild:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build update
./build phpmyadmin

5) If step #3 works fine, but all other steps still result in a failure to login via PMA, then try settings up phpMyAdmin to use cookies instead of the httpd-auth login method. It may give a more detailed message as to why the login fails through apache, but works through ssh.

6) It's required that "localhost" resolves to  Check your /etc/hosts to make sure you see the line:    localhost

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