I get "Your IP is blacklisted" when I try to login

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I get "Your IP is blacklisted" when I try to loginLast Modified: Apr 22, 2010, 12:20 am
If you get the message:

Your IP is blacklisted

this means that you've had too many failed login attempts or accesses to port 2222 without being logged in.

To remove yourself from the blacklist, edit:


and remove your IP from the list.

If you wish to ensure you never get blacklisted, you can create and add your IP to the file:


One IP per line.

The setting that controls how many attempts you get can be changed in:
Admin Level -> Admin Settings -> Blacklist IPs for excessive login attempts

We don't usually recommend any value lower than 10.  This is because even loading the login page counts as a failed login attempt, so if you set a low number, you'll be more likely to blacklist yourself.

This is the feature page for this option:

As for DirectAdmin 1.34.0, you can set DirectAdmin to automatically remove IPs from the blacklist after a specified amount of time.  Feature page:
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