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What Backup systems are available?Last Modified: Sep 6, 2009, 12:29 pm
There are 2 backup systems.

1) The recommended one is the DirectAdmin backup system.
It will create a tar.gz file for each DirectAdmin account storing all information specific to that User (databases, email accounts, email data, domains, website, subdomains, etc, etc..)
This is the recommended method because it has a simple 1 click restore.
It's handy for user backups and to move accounts between servers.
This backup system has 3 different levels of interface, all which create a file with the same contents:
    Admin Level -> Admin Backup/Transfer
    Reseller Level -> Manage User Backups
    User Level -> Site Backup

2) The other backup system is:
    Admin Level -> System Backup

this is an interface to the "sysbk" backup script (we didn't write sysbk)
The System Backup will backup all data including config files for services (like the /etc/exim.conf, directadmin.conf etc...) which are not part of the DA backup.
This tool can also be customized to add/remove paths that you would like.
However, this tool does not have a 1 click restore option.
Each tar.gz that it creates must be restored manually with the tar command.
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