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What bandwidth does DirectAdmin calculate?Last Modified: Aug 10, 2012, 2:03 pm
DirectAdmin will log all bandwidth that it is able to, but does not monitor at the device level, so is restricted to logs.
All banwidth that is logged by DA must be able to be assigned to a specific user, then all user bandwidth totals are added up thus giving the box total in DA.  This value will always be lower than the device total since many things that cannot be assigned to one user will be in the device's count but not DAs.

What DirectAdmin does count:
- Apache Usage:  Any data sent out for a request on that Users domain.  Logging for /~username traffic is also counted.
- Ftp Usage: any files uploaded and downloaded are logged
- Email:outgoing: All outgoing email where DA is able to determine who sent the email is logged in /etc/virtual/usage/username.bytes
- Email:incoming: Any email addressed to a valid email account is counted in the username.bytes log.  Forwarders, spam, invalid accounts are not logged.
- Pop/Imap: As of DA 1.40.0, if you're using dovecot, this data will be logged.
- DirectAdmin: everything DA related is counted, including ftp downloads and uploads for backups (can be disabled)

What DirectAdmin does not count:
- data transfers from within scripts, such as uploads/downloads done by code within a script.
- ssh level commands such as wget
- service updates using custombuild, yum, apt-get
- the named (bind) dns service
- any low level network traffic, pings, etc.
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