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License ExpiredLast Modified: Jan 11, 2021, 5:42 pm
If you're seeing "License Expired" when logging into DirectAdmin, this guide offers some tips on how to debug the issue.
  1. Check if the license is actually expired.  The simplest is to grab a fresh license.key, as it will not download if not allowed to do so.

    cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts
    ./ auto

    More info on downloading licenses.
    If the file is 1559 bytes or around ~2k, the file should be correct.  The should throw an error if there is some issue.
    If the throws an error, or the license.key is not valid, login to your /clients area to ensure the license is active.
  2. If the license.key is correct, try restarting DirectAdmin with a bit of extra force:

    cd /usr/local/directadmin
    service directadmin stop
    killall -9 directadmin
    killall -9 directadmin
    service directadmin start

    The 2x killall commands will ensure it's fully stopped.  This is to rule out any PID sync issues (rare, but possible).
    Once restarted, try your browser to see if you can login.
  3. Last thing to check would be your system clock.  Type


    to ensure you're in a valid window of time and not off by days.
    If you need to reset your system clock, use this guide.

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