I want to redirect port 2096 to client /webmail

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I want to redirect port 2096 to client /webmailLast Modified: Sep 7, 2019, 10:54 pm
If imported cPanel Users are trying to go to theirdomain.com:2096 to access webmail, you can setup Apache to redirect that back to https://theirdomain.com/webmail.

We'll assume you're running plain apache for this example.  Other webservers can use this strategy/template system, but not covered here.

  1. Tell Apache to listen on this port. Edit


    and add one line of code

    Listen 2096

    DirectAdmin will not overwrite this file, changed in there are safe.
  2. Add a https:2096 VirtualHost to each domain.  For this we make use of the Global pre-post CUSTOM token templates.   Create the file:


    and insert the following code:

    <VirtualHost |IP|:2096>
           SSLEngine on
           SSLCertificateFile |CERT|
           SSLCertificateKeyFile |KEY|
           ServerName www.|DOMAIN|
           ServerAlias www.|DOMAIN| |DOMAIN| |SERVER_ALIASES|
           Redirect 301 / https://|DOMAIN|/webmail

    where you might notice the VirtualHost tags seem out of order, but this is correct, since we're inserting it into the the end of the CUSTOM4 token in virtual_host2_secure.conf, which is within the 443 VirtualHost, hence we end it first, and start a new one, and let the virtual_host2_secure.conf close our new VirtualHost.
  3. Then rewrite the configs to push the change to all domains:

    cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
    ./build update
    ./build rewrite_confs

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