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What is a Limited License?Last Modified: Aug 14, 2019, 4:15 pm
A limited license is the same as any other DirectAdmin license type, except that it causes DirectAdmin to have a reduced maximum number of items.
You can see your limits, if any are set, at your Admin Level -> Licenses/Updates page.

For the "Lite" and "Personal" license types, the limits are the number of accounts, and the number of domains allowed on a server.

Account Limit

The account limit is the total sum of all DirectAdmin accounts on the system.  This includes all Users, Resellers and Admin accounts.   With the default install, the presence of the 1st Admin account constitutes a total of 1 account on the system.  Creating a User below that would then be 2 accounts, etc.

Domain Limits

The number of Domains DirectAdmin will count refers to the number of actively used domains on the system for all services.   This refers to any Domain or Domain Pointer under at any account's User Level.   This does not include stand-alone dns zones, which has no limit (can be used for dns clustering, without limits, regardless of domain limit)

Exceeding your limits

If you've either downgraded your license or somehow ended up with more items than your limit allows, DirectAdmin will go into an over-limit mode, where many core feature are disabled until your remove items to lower your limit.

Disabled features in this over-limit mode GUI:

User Level

  • Domain Creation
  • Account Creation
  • Subdomain Creation
  • Modify Domain
  • User Dns Control
  • MX Records
  • DNSSEC Control
  • E-Mail actions
  • DKIM Controls
  • Setting Catch-All
  • Forwarder actions
  • Vacation actions
  • Autoresponder actions
  • Mailing List action
  • User Databases
  • FTP account actions
  • SSL Certificate actions
  • Create Ticket
  • View Ticket
  • close/read Ticket
  • FileManager: various actions
  • actions on Protected Directories
  • Create/Edit Crons
  • Site Redirection
  • Restore Site Backup
  • Rename Domain
  • SSH Keys
  • SpamAssassin

Reseller Level

  • IP Manager actions
  • Name Servers
  • Skins page actions
  • Reseller Backup Crons
  • Reseller Backup Restore

Admin Level

  • Create DNS Zone
  • Add DNS data
  • IP Manager: Add IP
  • Admin Backup Crons
  • Admin Backup Restore
  • Custom HTTPD actions/view domains
  • Plugin Manager actions
  • Multi-Server Setup actions
  • Move Users between creators

Background Tasks

  • All Tally types
  • Cluster Syncs
  • Backup Crons
  • Restore any Backup
  • All LetsEncrypt tasks
Note the list of features disabled when in over-limit mode can change at any time.
The ability to reduce the number of items in the limit will never be disabled, as you're intended to use it to have DirectAdmin return into the normal state.
For most disabled areas, you can usually still delete items.   Feature 'actions' refers to a state-change item, often related to a POST.
As you can see, the functionality drops significantly, and we'll likely be adding even more blocks, with the exception of "Now" Backup creation, Account Deletion, and Domain/Pointer Deletion.  Everything else is fair game.
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