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Command-Line / Script installlLast Modified: Dec 10, 2020, 4:08 pm
Relating to the Standard Install Guide, the supports a command-line install method, that does not have any CLI user questions/input required.  The setup is very similar, the only difference is the call to the would be as follows, enter your install info to alter the output here:
Client ID
License ID
Ethernet Device

The call to the would be as follows:

cd /root
./ 123 123456 eth0

This will install everything as per the defaults for this OS.

You can alternatively use the simpler method (recommended), which will auto-detect all settings:

cd /root
./ auto


Options must be set an in-place before calling the in command-line mode.

  1. CustomBuild's options.conf and php_extensions.conf can be set in place with desired options before running the Doing so will do things like using your desired downloadserver, using the desired php version/mode, webserver type, etc..  Place it here prior to running the


    with your desired settings, so that when CustomBuild runs, it will use those settings, instead of the defaults.  See Notes #2 for info on setting mysql_inst before running the
  2. Tell the to run the pre-install commands:

    echo 1 > /root/.preinstall

  3. Install DA without the need for a license:

    echo 1 > /root/.skip_get_license

    When the license becomes available, use the to install it normally, and DA should start up.
  4. Installing on a LAN. Use the LAN install guide, but the starting point is:

    echo 1 > /root/.lan

  5. Install using insecure, instead of secured

    echo 1 > /root/.insecure_download

  6. Using desired hostname with "./ auto" can be specified with:

    echo > /root/.use_hostname

  7. For auto calls, to disable the call to ./build set_fastest, if your desired 'downloadserver' is already set in the options.conf, set:

    echo 1 > /root/.using_fastest


  1. Prior to 1.57.6, you must run:

    echo 2.0 > /root/.custombuild

    before the is called, else it will try to install customapache.
  2. the mysql_inst option can be enabled in the options.conf prior to the BUT as the mysql install is done through the scripts/, and not through CustomBuild (for now), using the mysql_inst in this manner can only be used for updates from the default version.  Updating mysql/mariadb through CustomBuild varies depending on the currently install version and the version you're going to.   Eg: chaging from MariaDB to MySQL cannot be done this way.  Jumping major MySQL versions (Eg: from 5.5 to 5.7) cannot be done, must be done in steps, so consider leaving the mysql_inst=no and changing it as needed after.  For example, CentOS 7 64-bit installs MariaDB 5.5 (which does support larger jumps), so your only options would be mysql_inst=mariadb and any of mariadb=5.5 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4. Cannot setup mysql_inst=mysql with the command-line mode if OS defaults to MariaDB. To change to MySQL from MariaDB, use the inverse of this guide
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