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Command-Line / Script installlLast Modified: Nov 19, 2019, 11:20 pm
Relating to the Standard Install Guide, the supports a command-line install method, that does not have any CLI user questions/input required.  The setup is very similar, the only difference is the call to the would be as follows, enter your install info to alter the output here:
Client ID
License ID
Ethernet Device

The call to the would be as follows:

cd /root
./ 123 123456 eth0

This will install everything as per the defaults for this OS.


Options must be set an in-place before calling the in command-line mode.

  1. CustomBuild's options.conf can be set in place with desired options before running the Doing so will do things like using your desired downloadserver, using the desired php version/mode, webserver type, etc..  Place it here prior to running the


    with your desired settings, so that when CustomBuild runs, it will use those settings, instead of the defaults.  See Notes #2 for info on setting mysql_inst before running the
  2. Tell the to run the pre-install commands:

    echo 1 > /root/.preinstall

  3. Install DA without the need for a license:

    echo 1 > /root/.skip_get_license

    but you must have a valid


    in place prior to running the  Be sure to use a recent update.tar.gz to ensure the latest DA feature/fixes (although the User should be able to update normally through DA).  When the license becomes available, use the to install it normally, and DA should start up.
  4. Installing on a LAN. Use the LAN install guide, but the starting point is:

    echo 1 > /root/.lan

  5. Install using insecure, instead of secured

    echo 1 > /root/.insecure_download


  1. Prior to 1.57.6, you must run:

    echo 2.0 > /root/.custombuild

    before the is called, else it will try to install customapache.
  2. the mysql_inst option can be enabled in the options.conf prior to the BUT as the mysql install is done through the scripts/, and not through CustomBuild (for now), using the mysql_inst in this manner can only be used for updates from the default version.  Updating mysql/mariadb through CustomBuild varies depending on the currently install version and the version you're going to.   Eg: chaging from MariaDB to MySQL cannot be done this way.  Jumping major MySQL versions (Eg: from 5.5 to 5.7) cannot be done, must be done in steps, so consider leaving the mysql_inst=no and changing it as needed after.  For example, CentOS 7 64-bit installs MariaDB 5.5 (which does support larger jumps), so your only options would be mysql_inst=mariadb and any of mariadb=5.5 10.0 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4. Cannot setup mysql_inst=mysql with the command-line mode if OS defaults to MariaDB. To change to MySQL from MariaDB, use the inverse of this guide
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