Running the is not creating data in /var/lib/mysql

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Running the is not creating data in /var/lib/mysqlLast Modified: Feb 16, 2019, 11:16 am
If you're trying to re-install MySQL/MariaDB, and are starting from scratch with the /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/, but it's not creating the mysql tables + data, this guide may be able to help.  If your solution is not listed here, please create a ticket for DirectAdmin Support, so we can investigate and add it here.

Check your output, and see if any of it matches up with the scenarios below:
  • Within the output:

    Data needs to be created in /var/lib/mysql/mysql ...
    Neither host '' nor 'localhost' could be looked up with
    Please configure the 'hostname' command to return a correct
    If you want to solve this at a later stage, restart this script
    with the --force option

    We've encountered this error before, even though the /etc/hosts did work correctly.  Solution to this one is to edit the and add --force to the end of the mysql_install_db line, making it look like this:

    /usr/bin/mysql_install_db --force

    where the --force option simply skips those dns checks.   DirectAdmin already makes sure that localhost exists in the /etc/hosts, so we're not concerned about these checks.   Note:  DirectAdmin 1.56.0 and up will use --force by default, so you'd only need to make this edit for older versions.
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