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ThunderbirdLast Modified: Jul 27, 2018, 1:57 pm
To add an email account in Thunderbird:
  1. Tools » Account Settings » Account Actions » Add Mail Account

  2. Fill in the name, full email address ( and password), click Continue.
  3. Thunderbird will try and figure it out, but manual settings are usually needed.  Click

    Manual config

  4. IncomingIMAPPort: 993SSL: SSL/TLSAuth: Normal password
    OutgoingSMTPPort: 587SSL: STARTTLSAuth: Normal password
    For the imap/smtp server, use the value your host gives you.  It might be, but could also be the, depending on how they've setup their SSL certificates.  If you do get ssl certificate warnings, just accept them.  The connection is likely still secure, as the value in the certificate might not match the server setting used (not a major issue).

  5. Click


    as re-test does not work for this case.
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