Apache won't start and there is nothing in the logs

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Apache won't start and there is nothing in the logsLast Modified: May 13, 2004, 10:28 am
Chance are, if apache isn't starting and isn't logging anything, the error_log is full preventing apache from starting.  To double check that, run:

cd /var/log/httpd
ls -lS | less

If any file is around 2-3 gig (or more), then chances are, that's the problem.

The solution is to remove the logs, restart apache, and then implement preventative measures.


cd /var/log/httpd/
rm -f error_log
rm -f access_log
rm -f suexec_log
rm -f fpexec_log
/sbin/service httpd restart      ("/usr/local/etc/rc.d httpd restart" for FreeBSD)

2) Get logrota to rotate daily

perl -pi -e 's/weekly/daily/' /etc/logrotate.conf
perl -pi -e 's/rotate 4/rotate 2/' /etc/logrotate.conf

If apache still doesn't start, check /var/log/messages and try recompiling apache.
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