Using the script to do custom filtering on any function.

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Using the script to do custom filtering on any function.Last Modified: Jun 10, 2008, 1:48 am
You can control what you want to allow or disallow at almost any level you wish using the script:
This script will be run before all /CMD accesses to DA.
If the script returns 0, the command is allowed.  Anything non-zero, the command is refused and the output from the script is shown to the user in DA.

For example, say we want to one particular domain from setting up an email account with a quota larger than 50 meg.  DA itself does not prevent this, but you can use the to abort setting it before the command is executed in DA.

The code in the for this example would be


if [ "$command" = "/CMD_EMAIL_POP" ] && [ "$domain" = "" ]; then
    if [ "$action" = "create" ] || [ "$action" = "modify" ]; then
        if [ "$quota" -eq 0 ]; then
            echo "you cant have unlimited quota";
            exit 1;
        if [ "$quota" -gt 50 ]; then
            echo "you cant have more than a 50 meg quota";
            exit 2;
exit 0;

Remember to chmod to 755.

Now when a user tries to set the quota to 0 or anything higher than 50, he'll get an error preventing him from doing so.

This script/concept can be applied pretty much anywhere in DA (I can't think of any exceptions, other than HTM_ files)
Certain commands, like the filemanager for example, can be completely shut off for any user you want, or all users, or just users and not admins.. because you can code anything you want, your options are endless.
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