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How to setup the Mail SystemLast Modified: Nov 7, 2008, 5:33 pm
One common problem people have is an incorrectly setup mail system.  Here is a list of rules that must be followed:

1) hostname must not match any domain that is being used on the system.  Example, if you have a domain called and you want to recieve mail on, you must *not* set your hostname to  We recommend using instead.  You must make sure that you add the A record for so that it resolves.

2) The hostname must be in the /etc/virtual/domains file.

3) The hostname must *not* be in the /etc/virtual/domainowners file.

4) The hostname must resolve.  If not, add the required A records to the dns zone such that it does.

5) The directory /etc/virtual/hostname must exist.. (eg: /etc/virtual/  It must not contain any files.

6) Any domains that you want to use for email (eg: must be in both the /etc/virtual/domains file and the /etc/virtual/domainowners file.   The directory /etc/virtual/ must exist and the files /etc/virtual/ and /etc/virtual/ exist.

7) File permissions for virtual pop inboxes should be (not applicable with Dovecot/Maildir):

/var/spool/virtual/   770 username:mail
/var/spool/virtual/*   660 username:mail

If you've made any changes to you /etc/exim.conf file and require a fresh copy, you can retrieve one with this guide:

8) Ensure your hostname does not contain any upper case letters.

9) Make sure that your main server IP has a reverse lookup on it.
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