Which partition should I set in the quota_partition setting in the directadmin.conf?

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Which partition should I set in the quota_partition setting in the directadmin.conf?Last Modified: Dec 23, 2009, 9:38 pm
Many systems have many different variations on the partition setup. Knowing which partition DirectAdmin is supposed to use is important.

The reason this is important is because DA uses the system quotas to see how much space a user is using.  With an incorrect quota_partition setting, the User's disk usage report can be inaccurate.

DirectAdmin will make a few guesses as to which partition you should be using, but can't predict all scenarios.

The User's data will be stored in /home/username, by default.  So we need to make sure that the /home directory is being counted.  This means that if you have a  / partition and no /home partition, then the /home is simply a directory on the / partition.  You'd set your quota_partition=/.

Some system (freebsd mainly) will come with a very large /usr partition.  The /home directory is actually a symbolic link to /usr/home so the quota partition should be set to:  quota_partition=/usr.   You can see if you have this setup by typing:
ls -la /home
if it shows an arrow pointing to /usr/home, then you want to have  /usr for your partition. (eg:  /home -> /usr/home)

And of course, if /home is actually a partition, then /home would be the partition you'd want.

To see a list of all partitions on your system, type:


Once you're sure you've got the correct partition, then you can move on to make sure that quotas are correctly running by clicking on the related guide link below.

Note that if you're trying to setup two separate partitions, but you want DA to report system quotas for both, use this guide:
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