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Force exim to send email from a particular IPLast Modified: Aug 26, 2015, 4:49 pm
If you need to change the IP that is used to send email out of your systme, you can do so by editing your /etc/exim.conf.

  driver = smtp


  driver = smtp
  interface =

Where is the IP you want exim to use.

You'll also need to update the SPF values in all TXT records in the dns zone for all domains that send from your server.
The SPF value must match the sending IP, which will be the new value you set.

SpamBlocker 4.3.1+ and DirectAdmin 1.47.0 has the ability to do this automatically based on the owned IP:

Exim also has the ability to use string expansion to change the IP based on some criteria you'd like.
Discussion about this is on the forum. Note that we have not tested it:
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