My IPs are not being loaded into the network device after bootup or network restarts

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My IPs are not being loaded into the network device after bootup or network restartsLast Modified: Oct 18, 2006, 11:06 am
After a "service network restart" command is run, the "service startips start" script needs to be run.  The startips script is run at bootup time, but on some systems, it seems that the network restart is called again, after the initial startup.

One solution is to run:

/sbin/service startips start

after each startup, but usually, admins can't watch their boxes all day long.

The easier solution is to setup the alised IPs into the network settings so they're loaded with the network, no matter how many times it's restarted.

If you type "/sbin/ifconfig", it will tell you what your ethenernet device name is for your main server IP.. usually eth0 or eth1.
Let's use eth0 for the example.
You'll create a file called:

in it, you'll add the code:


where is the next IP *after* your server IP which is not part of this list.  Only include aliased IPs in this list (IPs that are added after your server IP).  And obviously, the would be the ending IP address.

Once done, you can type:

/sbin/service network restart

to test it out.  (make sure you're logged into your server IP when yo do this, or you might get disconnected if it fails).
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