How ftp accounts for default domains on owned IP's work

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How ftp accounts for default domains on owned IP's workLast Modified: Jul 28, 2011, 3:58 pm
Note: new version of DA have the unified_ftp_password_file option enabled by default, thus all ftp accounts will be in /etc/proftpd.passwd, and the /etc/proftdp.vhosts.conf will be empty.

Proftpd supports IP based FTP hosting.
DA makes use of this for owned IP by adding virtulahosts for owned IPs in the /etc/proftpd.vhosts.conf file.
These owned accounts use their own password file (stored by the user) in:
All other accounts on shared IPs are all stored in /etc/proftpd.passwd.

An owned IP address can still have multiple domains on it (all setup under the 1 User account).
For the first domain, it's labeled as the "default domain".  For this domain user accounts do not use the syntax at the end of the login name.  A simple "user" is all that's required.  This exact format is specified on the Ftp page in DirectAdmin under the "Login" column.

If a domain isn't behaving correct (you want it to be the default domain, but it isn't), you can tell DirectAdmin that it's the default domain by editing:


and specify:


instead of:


This will tell DA to create ftp accounts for this domain without the syntax.
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