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How to use SSHLast Modified: Jan 19, 2005, 12:30 pm
SSH is a tool used to connect to your server.   This is how 95% of your system is setup.

To use ssh, you'll need an ssh client for your local computer.  We recommend PuTTY

Once you've installed your ssh client, load it up and you should be given a space to enter some information.  You'll want to select "SSH" on port 22.  You can past in the name of your server "" or the ip "" in the the space that says "Host Name (or IP Address)".  Click Open.

If you've entered all info correctly, you should be prompted with a large black screen asking for your login information.  If you are doing system tasks, you'll probably need root access.  If you have root access, enter "root" and press enter.. sometimes it can take several seconds before you see any change.   Enter the root password (and press enter), and if everything works, you should see a command prompt, ex:


You are now on the server. This is your starting point.

From here you can do anything, including destroy your server, so you must be very careful with the commands you enter.

Some basic commands include:

List: ls

[root@server]# ls
file1.txt   file2.txt   file3.txt

Change Directories: cd

[root@server]# cd /home/admin

Remove a file: rm

[root@server]# rm file1.txt
rm: remove `file1.txt' ? y

Once you've finished working, you can type

[root@server]# exit

and the ssh window should be closed.

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