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EasySpamFighterModule for SpamBlocker 4.x+, used to pre-filter spam email, and drop at smtp-time.
BlockCrackingModule for SpamBlocker 4.x+, used to block smtp-auth accounts and script paths that may be spamming
Helpfiles for Exim
How to update your exim.conf
Get exim to listen on another port on top of port 25
Useful exim commands
smtp transport process returned non-zero status 0x000b: terminated by signal 11
How to compile exim from source
How To Update exim using a source rpm (src.rpm)
Show a different banner in the exim welcome headers depending on IP being connected to.
How to prevent exim from including the original email in a bounce message
Exim is going crazy, how can I track down what it's doing?
Force exim to send email from a particular IP
I need exim to send all outbound email through a remote mail server
Send a warning email to email account owners when they approach their inbox quota
How to setup exim as a backup MX server.
How to tell exim not to skip mail filter from <>
How to create a new self-signed /etc/exim.cert and /etc/exim.key
I don't wish to see the hostname in my emails "on behalf of"
failed to open /dev/null: Permission denied (euid=8 egid=12)
perl.o: In function `call_perl_cat': undefined reference to `Perl_Gthr_key_ptr'
How to compile pcre from source
Character encoding in autoreplies and vacation messages.
Email Quota set in DA is too large for exim
How to prevent bounce emails from leaving your server
Warning: 200 emails have just been sent by unknown
queue run: process 123 crashed with signal 11 while delivering 1AbcD2-3456E7-8F
ClamAV - How To
I'm not getting email from gmail
Per-IP ssl certificates for exim
I want to log all outbound emails leaving my server
Please install ExtUtils::Embed for /usr/bin/perl
socket bind() to port 25 for address (any IPv6) failed: Address already in use: waiting 30s before trying again (5 more tries)
I need exim to allow messages larger than 20 Megabytes
Failed to create spool file /var/spool/exim/input/<MESSAGEID>: Permission denied
I wish to have a direct SSL connection for smtps with exim on port 465
How to get exim to send email faster
ClamAV - LibClamAV Error: cli_loaddb(): No supported database files found in /usr/share/clamav
I need version 10 of the
I have more than one home partition. I need exim to find all home paths.
Force immediate bounce of email if account is over quota
I need to count how many smtp-auth sends were done by a particular login or IP
I need a list of all email accounts on the system
I wish to disable da-popb4smtp
Why forwarders to external mailservers can be dangerous for your server
Exim: IPv6 socket creation failed: Address family not supported by protocol
lowest numbered MX record points to local host
E-Mail Rate Limiting with exim and the
Mailing List: Message too long (>40000 chars)
DKIM install guide
FreeBSD 10, exim complie error: perl.c:(.text+0x17c0): undefined reference to `Perl_save_strlen'
SSL Certificates with Exim
SpamBlocker 4.x: Custom RBL lists
I want to customize the daily User email limit files based on a custom package item
Manually checking the certificate used for smtp on port 25
Skip SpamBlocker, EasySpamFighter and BlockCracking checks for smtp-auth deliveries
Local domains get: 550 relay not permitted, authentication required
Only allow smtp auth login if encryption is enabled
Exim configuration error in line 125 of /etc/exim.conf: main option "keep_environment" unknown
Only allow AUTH on port 587 (block AUTH on 25)
Debugging exim configs
Exim: Force authenticated Users to only send from their authenticate domain
Exim SpamBlocker blacklist/whitelist files
Hide your exim version in the banner

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