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pure-ftpdIssues and FAQs relating to Pure-Ftpd
Helpfiles for Ftp
Proftpd won't start
Updating/installing ftp service
Timestamp of files through ftp are different that actual timestamp
How to convert ftp_upload.php to use ncftpput or curl instead of php
How ftp accounts for default domains on owned IP's work
Showing hidden files through ftp
How to re-add all system ftp accounts to your /etc/proftpd.passwd file
How to run proftpd in debug mode
I cannot login to ftp, but ssh and DA work fine
USER username (Login failed): Invalid shell: '/bin/false'
How to convert ftp_download.php to use ncftpget instead of php
How to install mod_sftp into proftpd
Restrict access to proftpd based on IP or reverse lookup value
Manually testing ncftpput to ensure it works
Script to delete all remote tar.gz ftp files in a directory
I need to use UTF-8 for FTP
ftp_upload.php output: curl: (35) error:14077102:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unsupported protocol
Manually checking the certificate used for ftps on port 21

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