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DNSSECGuides that related to DNSSEC, a tool to verify the validity of dns lookups.
Helpfiles for DNS
How to add reverse IP Lookup on your IP's
I do not want to run DNS services on my DirectAdmin Server.
Named is not reloading correctly when I add a domain
view.c:347: REQUIRE((&view->references)->refs > 0) failed doesn't work, but works fine (or vice versa)
How to lower your TTL just before an IP change
How the multi server dns clustering works
Open DNS Server allow recursive lookups
Named has chrooted itself with an update
What options do I have for setting up an external dns server?
How to use perl to do a mass dns update
How to add a 3rd name server (ns3)
How to use perl to do a mass update of a single A record for all domains
How to disable axfr
How to hide the version number named is using
named is only listening on the server IP
Why do I see the "Apache is functioning normally" page instead of my domain? (sometimes: "Hey it worked!")
How Nameservers work
How to add a new dns record to all existing domains and pointer zones
How to recreate all zone db files
Named is running, but it's not responding to requests
How to re-add all zone entries into the named.conf
I wish to change the IP of my domain, but have no downtime, whatsoever. doesn't work, but works fine.
Adding a SRV record
Using views to make a domain resolve to a different value based on which IP is asking
What the period does, at the end of a dns value
Long TXT records are broken into strings on multiple lines
named-checkconf[12345]: zone '' found SPF/TXT record but no SPF/SPF record found, add matching type SPF record
Swap all TXT/SPF records from ~all to -all
Testing your DNS IPs from /etc/resolv.conf
Mass removal of an NS record from all zones, using perl
I want to change the SPF records for all of my domains.
named won't start: bad owner name (check-names)
Setting up Nameservers with Godaddy for DirectAdmin
Manually checking if an IP is in an RBL using dig

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