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cgi files generate Internal Server Error
Log File paths
/var is full
Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost. 115 : Operation now in progress
Apache won't start and there is nothing in the logs
Domain Already Exists
Updating DirectAdmin Manually
Updating your DirectAdmin License manually
New user using over 100 meg of space and nothing has been added yet
Server replied: 421 Unexpected failure, please try later
Disk Usage is showing 0.00 or is too low
I've deleted /home, how do I recreate the directories?
Installing DBD::mysql from source
Frontpage on FreeBSD 5.x
Webalizer produces: error while loading shared libraries:
Downloading a new webalizer binary
Warning: Illegal offset type in /path/to/somefile.php after php upgrade
I can't connect to DirectAdmin on port 2222
When compiling vm-pop3d: error: `UINT16_MAX' undeclared (first use in this function)
The task.queue is not being processed
The ip of this machine () does not match the ip in the license file
Starting sshd: /etc/ssh/sshd_config line 371: too many allow users
How to debug a segfault within DirectAdmin
The disk usage for a given User is higher than I think it should be.
Parent directory does not allow write, or one of the directories didn't allow search (execution) permission
How to restore an oversized backup
Your hostname, , and the servername you have set in DirectAdmin,, do not match.

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