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Top Level » Email
DovecotGuides and trouble shooting issues relating to Dovcot
SpamGuides and issues relating to spam prevention.
EximInfo relating to the Exim SMTP mailer
Webmail ClientsIssues pertaining to Uebimiau, Squirrelmail, and Roundcube
Repair Broken or MissingUsed to repair something that's missing or broken
Email Client SettingsSMTP/IMAP/POP settings for common mail clients.
Helpfiles for Email
Using an external Mailserver
How to setup the Mail System
IMAP not working. Can't connect to 143
550-Verification failed for
Unrouteable address
How to create an email account that deletes incoming mail
synchronization error
Setting up Outlook to send through SMTP on port 587
Setup vm-pop3d to run through xinetd
I'm getting the same message downloaded to outlook 2 or 3 times when I use "leave message on server"
How to convert mbox files to Maildir manually
Cannot login with vm-pop3d: User 'admin' - failed auth, from=
BYE Service not available IMAP4rev1 ...
Prevent adding certain email names using the script
I think I have an open relay, what do I do?
Sending mail to hotmail, yahoo and gmail. R=localuser T=local_delivery defer (13): Permission denied: cannot create /home/diradmin/Maildir/
SMTP error from remote mail server after LHLO
Disable "Local Mail Server" by default for new domains
Automatically purge inbox and other IMAP folders
Adding specific forwarders by default
Why is there a system email account for all domains I create?
Add email accounts from a CSV file on the command line.
E-Mail Accounts page loads slowly due to large disk usage of users
How to purge the Maildir inbox for all system accounts: /home/user/Maildir
Listing all E-Mail accounts on a system
I want to control email accounts of a Domain Pointer
Disable the default (System) email account for new domains
Prevent a User from allowing more than 50MB of quota per E-Mail
Adding a DMARC record to help lower your spam score
I want the list of all E-Mail accounts on the server.
Change what imap/pop/smtp settings are shown to the User upon email creation
Autodiscover information for mail clients to setup pop/imap/smtp settings automatically.
Store E-Mail data on a different partition

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