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Helpfiles for RoundCube
The RoundCube password plugin shows a blank page when I try to change the password
Create a nightly backup of your Roundcube database
Roundcube: your session is invalid or expired
Roundcube: SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed.
Roundcube: connection to storage server failed
RoundCube: Could not save new password. Can't create socket connection to tcp://localhost:2222
Roundcube: The "Date" column is blank or incorrect
How to force the install Roundcube 0.8.4, instead of 0.9.x+
Manually testing the RoundCube backup script
RoundCube: update the datatbase, doing each query line by line
Roundcube: SMTP Error (220): Authentication failed.
RoundCube: Failed to send UID SEARCH command
Enforce RoundCube to use secure https / SSL
One-Click login to RoundCube and phpMyAdmin
RoundCube: DB Error: [1364] Field 'alias' doesn't have a default value

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