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Helpfiles for Backup & Restore Process
Server to server transfer of all accounts.
How to convert ftp_upload.php to use ncftpput or curl instead of php
How to configure multiple backup repositories with the Reseller (or Admin) Level Backup.
How to create a full backup of all accounts via the command line.
/bin/tar: Ignoring unknown extended header keyword `SCHILY.'
I want a redundant backup server
What Backup systems are available?
Limiting Reseller and User Level Backup to only be able to run at specific times
Which folders are skipped from a DirectAdmin backup?
I want to spread out the backup process over a longer period of time to lower the load on the box.
I want to skip a lot of the User data when creating backups
Backup creation is slow due to large file sizes
How to extract and repack a user tar.gz backup manually to repair it's contents
How to slow down the rate of backup to reduce load and to not flood a remote ftp server
MySQL server has gone away
Script to check disk usage before creating any Backups.
I want my locally created backups to contain a date in the filename
Manually testing the ftp_upload.php script
Backing up and transferring very large User accounts
I want a local copy, and a remote copy of my backups, without running the backup twice
Automating ssh logins with an RSA key
Backups take too long to create. Use rsync for /home
Error Compressing the backup file user.xentrhost.hundekjori.tar.gz : /bin/tar: /path: Cannot open: Permission denied
Custom append values in backup paths
Environmental variables for ftp_upload.php
Using rsync to copy /home to a backup drive on the same server.
Backup system runs at the same time quotas are counted in the tally
Backup Abort (2): A hard link was found under User username's path
Importing cPanel backups
Backup SQL files with CustomBuild 2.0
I wish to avoid sync issues with the backup/restore process
Common FTP backup errors
Restoring other User accounts with a Personal License (max 1 User)
Backup/Transferring Users between linked Multi-Server Setup boxes

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