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File SystemIssues with quotas, inodes, on files systems like ext4 and xfs
PerlIssues relating to perl and it's modules
SSHItems relating to different ways of using ssh/scp
Helpfiles for System Level
Setting the system date and clock
Creating your own service monitor
What ports do I need to open in my firewall?
crond[12345]: User account has expired
How to compile wget for your system
My IPs are not being loaded into the network device after bootup or network restarts
Restoring a System Backup file
fixing apt-get on debian
Cannot find a home directory after the system user creation for username
Resetting permissions and ownership on all DA related system files.
The system says shows that I have used up all my ram, should I be concerned?
/bin/tar: Ignoring unknown extended header keyword `SCHILY.'
I have existing awstats folders in my Users public_html folders. I need to make them links
Error creating user: useradd: unable to open password file
Could not seed PRNG; consider using --random-file.
How to compile webalizer manually.
Basic system security
My system is saving passwords in SHA-512 and DirectAdmin can't read them. I need MD5
What Backup systems are available?
How to test a password crypt
I need to recreate my /var/log directory
How to check your SSL ciphers to make sure they don't accept SSLv3
Which OS am I using?
ncftp: Cannot open local file /file for reading: Value too large for defined data type
/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "gmake"
IPv6 - How To
/usr/local/lib/ no version information available (required by python)
How to create a uname wrapper to return a i686 instead of x86_64
insserv: warning: script 'service' missing LSB tags and overrides
I wish to have a so I can block IPs through DirectAdmin
rpmbuild is building in /root/rpmbuild instead of /usr/src/redhat
/root/.ssh/authorized keys is not working - CentOS 6
CRITICAL:yum.cli:Config Error: Error accessing file for config file:///etc/yum/yum.conf
Creating a MD5 crypt from the command line
Manually adding an additional IP to a specific network device
How to track which process is using a certain port
Finding runtime information on a specific process ID
yum generates: repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Find specific code in all files of a certain type
Using awk to add up numbers
Creating and applying a patch to a file
How to install cmake
End-of-life policy for supported Operating Systems
Pulling data from a remote directory with rsync
FreeBSD: /usr/bin/tar: unrecognized option '--fast-read'
I need a firewall. What are my options?
What IP does my system use for outbound connections?
Current SSL cipher lists for DirectAdmin servers
Allowing a non-privileged User the ability to execute a root level command
crontab returned non zero value: chown: Operation not permitted
systemd vs init.d
I need to see the Nth line in a file
Using su to run a file as a User, called by root

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