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Backup & Restore ProcessTopics relating to the backup and restore process of the DirectAdmin backup system. Admin Backup/Transfers, Manage User Backups, Site Backup.
API and PluginsTips and Tricks for using the DirectAdmin API and Plugins
SkinItems relating to coding and customizing skins.
Custom ScriptingFor custom scripts used for special actions triggered by DA.
TemplatesHow to makes changes to the files in /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates
InstallationInformation on various options for installing DirectAdmin
LicensesGuides and Issues relating to your license.key
Helpfiles for DirectAdmin
Domain Already Exists
Updating DirectAdmin Manually
Make the bandwidth, diskusage and webalizer stats update more often
How to reset a user on the same day of the month his account was created
Transfer a domain from one user to another
Connecting to[]:443... failed: Cannot assign requested address.
Share a domain between 2 users
The data in /usr/local/directadmin/data/users is gone. I need to create it again.
I can't connect to DirectAdmin on port 2222
Running DirectAdmin through apache on port 80
Moving Users between Resellers
How the multi server dns clustering works
The task.queue is not being processed
How to enable SpamAssassin/rspamd for new accounts
Ability to limit the POST functions that an account can run.
Which partition should I set in the quota_partition setting in the directadmin.conf?
How to setup a limit so that Users/Resellers cannot create more than 200 domains on a server.
I can't login to DirectAdmin. The login page just refreshes without any errors.
How to make all files uploaded through the Filemanager chmod to 700
How to debug a segfault within DirectAdmin
Creating a custom index.html for new subdomains
Creating default packages for new Resellers using the script
How to change a DirectAdmin username
How do I make DirectAdmin suspend based on disk usage?
The disk usage for a given User is higher than I think it should be.
How many users/domains can I install on my server?
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file
What are the IP requirements for DirectAdmin to run?
I only want to have 1 instance of the dataskq run at a time
How to change your server IP address
I need to rebuild all of my Resellers' users.list files
What bandwidth does DirectAdmin calculate?
My monthly bandwidth is not resetting.
Using the custom package item feature to alter user httpd.conf files
I need to run for everyone based on the /etc/virtual/domainowners file
./ line 225: ./directadmin: cannot execute binary file
Upgrade a User to a Reseller
I wish to have an email-only system for some of my clients
I want to change the default index.html created with new domains.
All directadmin.conf values
How to run DirectAdmin in debug mode
I want to customize the appearance of DA and what it can do
I want to skip the quota checking portion at install time, and will address it later
My Connection to is slow
I get "Your IP is blacklisted" when I try to login
I need to rebuild my reseller.list file
Is Ubuntu supported?
How can I excute a logical && and || in a template file?
Files downloaded in the FileManager are not downloaded, they're displayed as binary in my browser
I only want my IP to be able to execute Admin level commands
Prevent the creation of any other Admin account on the server
IPv6 - How To
Common pre-install commands
error using key: error:0B080074:x509 certificate routines:X509_check_private_key:key values mismatch
I would like my file type to have an "Edit" button in the FileManager
Downgrading a Reseller to a User
The dataskq is causing a high load: 100% cpu
Detecting and preventing brute force login attacks
How to change your hostname
Installing a pre-release version of DirectAdmin
Apache restarts after the nightly tally (SIGTERM)
Why is the used disk usage above the limit set for a User?
Sample server IP config file
How to convert ftp_download.php to use ncftpget instead of php
Message System has too many messages - How to empty the list
Prevent the Brute Force Monitor from reporting a specific email address
Upgrading a Reseller to an Admin
Unable to read the User data files for username
CMD_BRUTE_FORCE_MONITOR generates a timeout
How to prevent the creation of domains with certain characters
How is the From address in the Message System determined?
How to add more files to the Admin Level -> File Editor
End-of-life policy for supported Operating Systems
e2fsprogs-devel-1.41.12-3.el6.x86_64 has missing requires of e2fsprogs-libs = ('0', '1.41.12', '3.el6')
Change the package for all Users to one value
Slow down disk access to the dataskq
CentOS 6 64-bit: /usr/lib64/ no version information available (required by /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq)
DirectAdmin Announcement Mailing List
Security Questions after DirectAdmin login for additional layer of security.
I trust my brute force attack blocking system, I don't need to see all of the BFM messages.
Actively testing a DirectAdmin connection to ensure it is running
I want the dataskq to run more than once per minute
Rename a domain name from to
I think I've found an XSS or CSRF hole in DirectAdmin!
Install: Cannot find the DirectAdmin binary. Extraction failed
Adding a value to the directadmin.conf
Login issues: Rejected session for user admin because IP ( doesn't match session file (
Running a 2nd 2223 port for non-secure connections
Changing all Users under a given creator to a specific package
The Multi-Server Setup feature
The request you've made cannot be executed because it does not exist in your authority level

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