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Ability to limit the POST functions that an account can run.
Using the script to do custom filtering on any function.
How to setup a limit so that Users/Resellers cannot create more than 200 domains on a server.
How to prevent users from deleting certain files using the File Manager
Prevent adding certain email names using the script
Using the to prevent adding of domains for other domains
I wish to have an email-only system for some of my clients
Limiting Reseller and User Level Backup to only be able to run at specific times
I want to change the default index.html created with new domains.
All directadmin.conf values
I want to spread out the backup process over a longer period of time to lower the load on the box.
I want to customize the appearance of DA and what it can do
I only want my IP to be able to execute Admin level commands
Prevent the creation of any other Admin account on the server
Using to only allow certain IPs
Using to limit the number of domains allowed on a server
Prevent the Brute Force Monitor from reporting a specific email address
Limit the number of Users a Reseller can create
Script to check disk usage before creating any Backups.
How to prevent the creation of domains with certain characters
Prevent a User from allowing more than 50MB of quota per E-Mail
Limit the number of backups a User can create
Control User creation home path in a package.
I don't want Resellers to be able to modify their own User Level data
Update the disk usage for a User after they upload or delete a file through the DA File Manager
Prevent Users from changing their own DirectAdmin password

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