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How to reset a user on the same day of the month his account was created
How to enable SpamAssassin/rspamd for new accounts
What options do I have for setting up an external dns server?
Setup a per-user php.ini to allow open_basedir with suPhp
How to make all files uploaded through the Filemanager chmod to 700
Creating a custom index.html for new subdomains
Creating default packages for new Resellers using the script
I want the imap folders created with the email account.
I want to be present by default
Disable "Local Mail Server" by default for new domains
How to prevent Users from seeing in each other's public_html folders
Using the custom package item feature to alter user httpd.conf files
I wish to have an email-only system for some of my clients
I want to change the default index.html created with new domains.
All directadmin.conf values
I want to customize the appearance of DA and what it can do
I want to customize the User httpd.conf files based on a custom package item
I wish to change the default spam settings for new domains
Adding specific forwarders by default
How to slow down the rate of backup to reduce load and to not flood a remote ftp server
Apache restarts after the nightly tally (SIGTERM)
I have more than one home partition. I need all services to use both the old and new partitions.
I want my locally created backups to contain a date in the filename
I want all newly created domains to use a private_html link, pointing to public_html
Prevent a list of Users from executing a file
Disable the default (System) email account for new domains
I want a local copy, and a remote copy of my backups, without running the backup twice
Control User creation home path in a package.
Update the disk usage for a User after they upload or delete a file through the DA File Manager
I want to customize the daily User email limit files based on a custom package item
Automatically add TLSA records with letsencrypt updates
Custom Package Items, Hooks, and commands.deny/commands.allow
I wish to keep domain logs in a separate location for long-term safe-keeping

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